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The ultimate target is to achieve Total Quality, lower operating costs, and augmented plant profitability



Our industrial philosophy and mission may be summed up as follows:

  • Provide a complete range of custom automated handling solutions to the industry
  • Own advanced core technology, largely developed in house through the combined efforts of our engineering and manufacturing teams
  • Apply the engineering and manufacturing experience and capabilities acquired over the years to various industrial fields requiring automation solutions
  • Above all, closely listen to our customers' needs and ensure comprehensive support all the way from the concept phase to full operation, and subsequently, throughout the system lifetime.


The Future

The ultimate target

Our scope is to offer Global Handling solutions for fully automated plants, all the way from the production line up to final shipping.
In these plants it will be possible to control from the Computer Room the complete product flow and contemporaneously check in real time all product physical and statistic characteristics.
The ultimate target is to achieve Total Quality, lower operation costs and augmented plant profitability by implementing the "Industry 4.0" Smart Factory concept and technologies.

Our Business Guidelines

selecting the best handling solution

Our policy is to:

  • Focus on well-defined target markets
  • Make selective use of the company resources
  • Persist in the continuity of customer relations

This is possible thanks to the extensive system engineering experience combined with our own technology - machinery as well as control and supervision software.

We implement these guidelines by combining classic Italian creativity with the determination typical of our company's home region - Lombardy.
Since we are not manufacturers of production plants and machinery, our engineering staff is always free to select the best handling solution, independently of the manufacturer of the machines with which the automation system must interface.
In this way, the importance of the role played by automation is fully addressed - it is not merely seen as an accessory to the production line.
The customer benefits by obtaining a personalized and flexible solution designed for his own specific needs and budget.