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Benefits of Automation

Benefits of Automation

In the Salmoiraghi concept, automation is rather more than a simple reduction of labour costs.

Indeed, the most important aspect is to completely eliminate manual handling and its inherent problems, thereby achieving high product quality.
The benefits of an Automated Handling System (AHS) are:

  • Complete "production line to shipping" automation process
  • Total elimination of manual handling, leading to dramatic and immediate improvement of product quality
  • Safe and efficient product flow in a compact and fluid system configuration
  • Sharp reduction of labour costs guaranteeing prompt return on investment (3-4 years payback)
  • Considerable factory floor space gain
  • Clean, orderly, efficient production environment
  • Fully computerized operation affording real-time system control, comprehensive data processing facilities, and just-in-time flexibility
  • Product traceability resulting in better customer service
  • Full compatibility with trend towards larger and heavier product units
  • High efficiency packing process
  • Last but not least: safe and physically effortless operation

For all these reasons, a Salmoiraghi Automated Handling System maximizes the plant efficiency and provides a competitive edge in today's demanding market.

It is safe to assume that, due to stringent cost control, high product quality demands, and "just-in-time" requirements, automated handling will assume in the near future an ever-increasing role in various industrial sectors.

As always, we are committed to anticipate the market trends and offer state-of-the-art and cost-effective technology to our customers.