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Cost-effective solutions to any storage requirements

Salmoiraghi has a solid experience in implementation of Autowarehouses (both the self-supporting and classic building-housed types) located in highly seismic and/or severe climate areas.

Our design methods reflect this experience, guaranteeing the best results while meeting the stringent FEM and CE standards.

In particular, the Stacker Cranes are designed and fabricated keeping in mind the characteristics of the Load Units to be handled, and employ advanced components sourced from internationally reputed vendors.

The configuration of the auxiliary infeed and outfeed equipment and relevant internal transport systems is based on accurate analysis of the Load Unit flows performed during system design; this equipment is an important part of the supply and, when requested, is fully integrated with the production process.

The Salmoiraghi organisation is able to manage the entire Autowarehouse realisation process, all the way from floor slab preparation to commissioning and handover of the fully operational system.

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