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Autowarehouses for fabric rolls



An Autowarehouse for fabric rolls is needed for:

  • Receiving, storing and final shipping of fabric rolls (coming from multiple external production plants and/or vendors) to final customers; in this case, the Autowarehouse operates as a logistic shipping center for large fabric weavers operations and trading companies.
  • Receiving, storing and distributing fabric rolls (coming from multiple external vendors) to the User’s production lines; in this case, the Autowarehouse operates as a production supply facility for large manufacturers of garments or other finished textile products.

Handling and storage of fabric rolls is a challenging task, since we are dealing with long, cylindrical, and soft objects (rolls may or may not have an inner core).

Two different field-proven designs are available from Salmoiraghi:

  • “Classic” solution in which several identical rolls are placed on an internal carrier tray, which is then handled throughout the store-in, store-out and final packing or picking cycles.

The trays are stored in a shelving system and handled by fast AS/RS Cranes.

This design is suitable for those cases when we have a moderate number of product codes.

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